Lab. No. Room
Computer Network Lab

Faculty Incharge: Ms. Sheetal Chaudhari

The laboratory contains total 21 machines that runs on dual boot platform and contains all the software required for the practicals of subjects like Wireless Technology Computer Networks , Computer Organization and Architecture, Storage Network Management and Retrieval , System and Web Security and other related subjects.

Software Available:Simsan Simulator,Network simulator 2, LabVIEW, Libre Office, Net Beans IDE, Java Development Kit.

Operating System: Linux

Database Management System Lab

Faculty Incharge: Rashmi Deshmukh

The laboratory is equipped with different software which are required for performing practicals of Software Project Management, Advanced Database Systems, Database Management Systems, Big Data Analytics and Data Mining and Business Intelligence. Details of these are as follows:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2008

List of software: ExtendSim, Microsoft Office, PostgreSQL, Oracle 11g, Eclipse, Weka, R, Python

Number of computers: 20 and 1 printer.

Software Engineering Lab

Faculty Incharge: Renuka Pawar

The software engineering Lab is basically designed for courses related to the systematic development, operation and maintenance of software includes the subjects like Object Oriented Programming,Software Engineering,Software Project Management,Software testing and quality assurance,Software Architecture.

Availability of open source application to develop software-Html, Css, Php, Java Sript ,Xml ,Xampp Server ,Asp.Net ,Visual Studio Java, Netbeans.

Number of computers: 20

Operating System Lab

Faculty Incharge: Jignesh Sisodia

Laboratory is well equipped with software to make students gain practical experience of designing and implementing concepts of subjects like Operating Systems, Open source Operating system, Distributed System, Intelligent System etc.

Operating System: Linux

Project Lab

Faculty Incharge: Swapnali Kurhade

Project helps to explore and strengthen the understanding of fundamentals through practical application of theoretical concepts. In the project Laboratory students apply knowledge and software development skills to solve real-world problems. The students are expected to propose, analyze, design, develop, test and implement a software system. Students do their mini projects and final year projects here.

Number of computers: 21

Programming Lab-1

Faculty Incharge: Nikahat Mulla

The programming laboratory is one of the most important laboratories in shaping up an IT student. In order that they are industry ready, IT graduates must be well-versed with several programming languages. He/she must also have worked with various tools and projects which involve problem-solving. For this purpose, open source software is available in the lab like GCC compiler, Java (jdk 1.8), Eclipse, Netbeans, etc. Various courses related to the programming laboratory like Web Programming, Internet Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Advanced Internet Technology etc are conducted here.

Number of computers: 21

Programming Lab-2

Faculty Incharge: Aparna Halbe

Programming lab is installed with latest technologies to sharpen students coding skills in the most entertaining way by solving challenging problems. Lab is equipped with many open source tools and technologies to prepare students for professional career. Students have free hand in the lab to anticipate the changing direction of Information Technology and gain knowledge of new technologies. Various courses related to the programming laboratory like Object Oriented Programming, Image Processing, Soft Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning etc are conducted here.

Number of computers: 18

Research & Development Lab

Faculty Incharge: Varsha Hole

Information Technology (IT) plays a critical role in the survival and growth of business organizations. Increasing investment in IT and the strategic role played by information systems make IT implementation an important research topics. we promote our IT students for doing research by providing high end computers with parallel computing capabilities and GPU processing. This dedicated research lab facilitates the students for their BE projects and also projects in other areas.The Research lab have Apple Imac 27” machines , nvidia graphics cards and required softwares.