Linux System Administration & Networking Course Contents
  • New OS installations and configurations as per application requirements.
  • Package management – installation of new packages (RPM and or compiling new packages).
  • Trouble shooting and Problem solving for existing installations.
  • User Management – Addition, deletion and modification of users for SUDO access to the system.
  • Performance Management – Trouble shoot performance issues related to OS and identify bottlenecks.
  • Managing Linux Internet Server Security and Configuration.
  • Logical volume management.
  • Configuring and managing Network File System.
  • Configuring and managing servers DNS, DHCP, FTP.
  • Configuring Apache server.
  • Managing Linux Firewalls Using iptables.
  • Linux customization.

Information Security

Introduction to Enterprise System Security, Penetration Testing, System Scanning & Probing, Network Sniffing & Traffic Analysis, OS Fingerprinting & Hardening OS, Understanding Logging & Log Monitoring, Patch Management & Monitoring, Implementing & Maintaining Firewall, Implementing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Security Information Management. 100 % Hands-On-Lab workshop

Private Cloud setup using Open Source Tools

Introduction to Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Install Configure Deploy Private Cloud, Creating and Managing Machine Images, Launching MI as instances, Attaching Block Storage to instances, RDP/SSH to instance.

Additional Courses

  • CCNA Course
  • PC Assembling & Software Utilities
  • Ethical Hacking

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